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11/18/2018 12:08 AM ·Spoilers

So today I had some very nice squidparties. I never squidparty, so it was a refreshing change of pace. Size-wise, I'm talking parties half the size of the entire match or more. And this happened for like 12 whole matches in a row. After that people slowly started splatting partiers until they left and things went completely back to normal.

Considering the stages were my two hardest right as of posting this, that definitely helped my win streak a bit. In fact, I learned you can even use squidpartying to your advantage by distracting the enemy so you can cover more turf.

A few minutes after I typed that last paragraph, I thought I saw some more people were partying, only to learn it was just someone on my team charger camping. Almost got splatted after super jumping to them because I wasn't careful.

...you know what? I think I might try squidpartying again sometime. Maybe I'll ask my friend to play with me later.


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