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11/19/2018 04:48 PM ·Spoilers

Contrary to the squidparty day from two days ago, yesterday's Splatoon experience was... interesting. So many chargers. And other weapons with actually good subs, like Seekers and Ink Mines. Those are very useful yet very underrated, so you can catch the enemy by surprise. Thankfully, those people were mostly on my team. The chargers weren't, though.

A couple stage rotations later, Camp Triggerfish came back. I normally say I'm terrible at it, but I think I might be getting better. I've learned a few workaround ways there. Looks like the opposite teams have too, but workaround beats workaround, usually. Until I somehow end up falling into the lake trying to ink stuff.

Sadly, there were no partygoers there, which is strange because Camp Triggerfish is usually Camp Partyfish. But that means I can get my focus back, thankfully- until I realize I was so distracted by the party the other day that I mistake a kid-squid mis-input as a gesture of some sort and flop about for about 0.5 seconds and then realize that's not what's supposed to happen.

I'm still waiting for Moray Towers and Mahi-Mahi Resort back in Turf War, though. The last time I saw them, they were both in Ranked simultaneously (wow, I managed to spell that right!), and my two hardest stages were in Turf. Though I think Mahi returned later in Ranked again? Hmm.

tl;dr: rare sub weapons are cool, i'm getting better at triggerfish, i want moray and mahi-mahi to come back into turf war for a bit, and i just seriously want to try partying again


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