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12/17/2018 07:56 PM ┬ĚSpoilers

After seeing Kage from Street Fighter V, I just had to say... I'm disappointed. He looks like a copy of Evil Ryu, and he looks to be much less interesting as a character as well. I find him and some of the other newcomers in SFV to be pointless fanfic characters (although I did find Rashid, Laura, Menat and G to be interesting characters for the street Fighter world in general).

*sigh* what a shame.

I remember the time when CAPCOM released fighting games in the 90s and that was, imo, the golden age of their fighting games back then, but now they're milking the heck out of Street Fighter as we know it. Plus, it's obvious that SFV's future will be ruined just like what happened to the subpar Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, and it's an atrocity compared to the fan-favorite classic MvC2. Don't worry, I still adore the Street Fighter games which are Alpha 3, III, IV, and II.

Tekken 7, imo, is much better than Street Fighter V.

(drops mic)


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