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12/18/2018 05:02 AM ·Spoilers

New winter look


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  • Cas

    12/18/2018 05:05 AM · Spoilers

    is that a long skirt?
  • It is!
  • Cas

    12/18/2018 05:06 AM · Spoilers

    oh wow
    i didnt think pocket camp actually added new types of clothes like that omg
  • I just won it a few minutes ago from that one fortune cookie for 5000 bells
    give me one second.
  • Yeahs2
  • Cas

    12/18/2018 05:22 AM · Spoilers


    well ill be damned
    they Can actually make clothes like that work w/ the character models
    (also goldie is very good so hell yea)
  • Miha

    12/18/2018 05:44 AM · Edited · Spoilers

    Also this is going on for a few days aswell,
    too bad these clothes seem exclusive to PC and aren’t in NL

    atleast we now have our own cabins, even if they’re still kinda small and there’s a lot of unusable space in the front.
  • They’ve been having long dresses since halloween I think??
  • Cas

    12/18/2018 08:20 PM · Spoilers

    (late response bc life so whoops)
    its neat that they even thought to add stuff like that tbh
    i hope they incorporate stuff like it in the next main console game
  • Same!
    And it’s alright

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