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12/21/2018 12:15 AM ·Spoilers

So I haven't posted anything in awhile. Well honestly I've gotten bored of Closedverse and I've gotten bored of Pocket Camp. But I'm just saying I'm still alive and I still play Pocket camp but not as much anymore as I'm busy with life stuff and other games. I'll try to be active and help out here and there but we'll see. Have fun fellow campers!


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  • I know.
    Closedverse has just gone down bad.
    Pocket camp just got old. I want something new in the game. Maybe like a new mini game or something.
  • Yeah I slowed down playing it, too. For example I don’t do all the wishes every three hours
  • I just got a new Tablet today, so I'm probably going to download it soon.

    Which is good, I haven't got the game yet.
  • @Stealth I stopped doing that long ago. Only for garden events I would do it.
    @Clara Enjoy the game!
  • I would, but I found out that my Tablet doesn't have it on it's store...
  • Aw dang. One of my old friends had that problem as well. Sorry about that.

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