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Invader is ded?Invader343

12/22/2018 03:42 AM ·Spoilers

Going through my old messages and posts are just making me depressed.

I missed Closedverse when it was at it's prime.
I was like this when Miiverse ended, I couldn't get over it. I still can't.
I was young and happy.
I fear the same will happen, once again when Closedverse ends.
I might become suicidal.
Why am I, making this post? Being suicidal of Miiverse? Well, I hate letting things that I love and makes me happy.
I probably don't have a life.

There are two Miiverse user who inspired me to who I am, they made me stay on Miiverse. Then later inspired me to draw, my dream was to do the same. Inspire others like, what I saw on Miiverse. The community drawings were absolutely amazing.
I wanted to draw for others.
Short story, I wanna become like them and surpass them, make them proud.
Become good friends with them.

Going back to the two users. Let's call the user Kirby. The first one is my true inspiration, Kirby drew so much. I wished I had a Wii U at the time, I wanted to add the user so badly. The Wii U pad broke. Although I had a 3DS.
My first known time being on Miiverse was somewhere on 2015.
I found the Crunchyroll community, and there was Kirby, I had my fun with her, such as trolling.
An example was randomly commenting "Cory in the house"
I even actually recommend anime to Kirby, the anime was hentai.
But Kirby posts was reduced during around 2016 and 2017. So Kirby wasn't active. I still stood around Miiverse, deciding to wait for Kirby. Kirby's art were amazing, I admired it.
Kirby did came online sometimes, complimented my art, which was actually nice. Imagine your idol complimenting you.
Then the announcement strikes, Miiverse was going to end.

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  • I was hoping so much that Kirby gets online. Kirby was online somewhere on October to November. I joined Closedverse on October 22nd.
    So, Kirby's last post. I said to join Closedverse. It was already too late.
    I fell in deep regret. Kirby drew one last artwork, it was amazing. I told her that she inspired me.
    Kirby did reply to that, Kirby really said "that means alot to me" I was glad.
    But I should've said about Closedverse, but users were getting banned for saying about Closedverse.
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  • I was sad that I wasn't able to contact Kirby. But I was using Closedverse. Just to keep my mind off of it.
    But until I made somewhere after "that" suicide post that my "invasion was going to end"
    I managed to get in contact with Kirby, which Kirby still draws even today.
    I was very depressed before, until I found Kirby.
    I jumped in excitement and was very happy that day. I almost cried, some tears did came.
    But I didn't contact Kirby after a few days later. Because I was nervous, I didn't wanna be seen as a stalker.
    So I gathered my courage and spoke.
    Started with me saying how amazing Kirby's art was, then I said "do you remember me?" (Note: might be incorrect, I am remembering from memory) Kirby didn't know, obviously. It was like on February.
    So I answered, I am Invader from Miiverse.
    My regrets felt like, they were gone.
    I asked about if Kirby has Fire emblem Heroes, which Kirby did, we exchanged friend codes. I don't play Fire Emblem Heroes now, that much anymore.
    It's too big.
    Anyways more importantly, I said I was sorry about trolling Kirby. Sorry about everything. Might be more active on where I found Kirby.
    I made a joke about how terrible was my grammar and spelling was on Miiverse, I was like 12-15 years old.
    Should I tell Kirby about Miiverse clones, Closedverse and Indigo.

    Without her, I wouldn't be here.

    I shall continue on the other user and other important stuff.
    I am just too obsessed with Miiverse and the clones.
    I wanted to tell Kirby so badly about Closedverse.
  • I suppose I am creating "The History of the Invader"
    "Book I. Kirby, the first Inspiration."
    Now for
    "Book II. Ash, the fuel of my inspiration for awaiting for the return"
  • Don't ever say that again.
  • a

    12/22/2018 07:28 AM · Edited · Spoilers

    Being suicidal because of something this petty is not good. You should seek mental help or professional help if you can get suicidal that quickly.
  • I'm actually scared...
    I didnt thought that someone would experienced the same thing like i did in nearly every fxcking way...
    Except it didnt quity ended that happy for me.
    I still want that time back. I really want. Back then, 14. Happy. I cared about everyone and everything...

    But after the end of miiverse...
    Nearly 19, i dont care. About everything. Im just sad. I lost my friends from back than. I started drawing, because of them, started to write storys. I actually became kinda... idk, famous? With 500 followers.
    But still.
    After that long time, this makes me so sad. I cant let go the good times. The world is bad, and there i felt safe.
    Maybe its just my dumbness and beeing naiv (i hope its the same in englisch) but still...
    I just want to go back...
  • I dont want to bother you with long textes. But im just glad, that im not the only one. Thank you, much love.

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