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12/22/2018 07:55 AM ·Spoilers

I'm Lowkey scared of admins more here than in miiverse, but at the same time I'm an art account so li k


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  • Well the thing is, on MV you’d get banned automatically for doing the wrong thing (or being misunderstood for posting the wrong thing) or just having something blown out in proportion.

    Here or Indigo that’s fair because an admin can actually just dislike you for who you as a person and use that against you. But here nobody’s really going out of their way to find something bad about you, it’s just if you’re causing problems then.
  • a

    12/22/2018 08:45 PM · Spoilers

    You shouldn't be. As Mika said, mv admins banned you right away. Here, we'll give you warnings, and converse with you to find a solution, although banning you with be a consequence.
    Don't fear us or anything, we shouldn't give you a reason to.
  • Oh no,
    I meant that it’s fair to be a little concerned xD

    but hopefully you won’t have to be

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