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12/22/2018 12:41 PM ┬ĚSpoilers

One piece of advice I'd give would be to present a subjectively negative aspect of yourself to others alongside positive parts, specifically in a friendship and/or romance-forming scenario. I don't mean saying anything that would cause grave discomfort, but something that could be considered a determining factor for whether or not that would work out in the long run.

For example, me presenting the fact that I enjoy anime (with one aspect being lolis) in such a way can either be accepted and/or overlooked or disliked; both are fine, but it's generally knowing how people feel about finding out what you like that is important before you try and form a connection.
It is a beneficial learning experience regardless; either you learn that they will accept you liking it (and, most likely, other things) and a nice relationship can build from there, or you learn that the connection wouldn't have worked.


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