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12/27/2018 11:17 AM 路Spoilers

I've been having a bad day, it started with a joking conversation which I took too far, like by saying mean things to the other person.
I've been accused, hated.

I just feel like crying and not existing anymore.
I am not needed, I've been trying to be happy.
Just hiding the pain, my regret cannot truly go away. I am too late to make my regrets go away.
I've messed up on important moments in my life. Just pretending them as jokes of my past, hiding them.
Hoping for not remembering them.
I get depressed about the past, like how fun is was.
It will repeat, but worse.
Nothing will ever stay the same.

I'll remember about this time in my life and say "what the cabbage, what was I doing" but cabbage is a swear word, or something.

But I'll probably laugh at this post someday.
Because I shall rise against these factors, I shall fullfil my dreams. New and old, I will conquer them.
Become the Invader I dream of.

The only one who can stop me, is me.
My dream, my goal, shall be complete when I am ready.

I got you

Big funni


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