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01/02/2019 07:56 AM ·Spoilers

Not gonna lie I'm actually really nervous as I plan to work on sorting my life out this year.


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  • Well, my tip for that is, first... Draxx them sklounst! Second, fire-board your mama-jamma's! Third, you gotta know that with great power comes great respronshritrillitrance! Finally, get froggy with them terries!!! And boom, you be nooice my dude!
  • Im nervous now too! I went hypothetical on the terries clavicle, and it sprunsht the sklounst. The manager says, "Well, its is 2.5 and abstatootly league-well." So, it got me the job of handling all the Akka Joe Wind Bumpers, but now im hot and froggy in the action seat, Jonathan Legroom! So, get ready... Here comes the bounce, boogie, and bump! Akka Joe!!!

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