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I n v a d e rInvader

01/02/2019 01:33 PM ·Spoilers

I wish I could download Heroes again, it has been months since I've played it.
It's too gigantic, even the Lite version.

I had a +7 Gunter, I should complete it.
I was planning to create the ultimate Gunter, he will get equipped with a Slaying Axe.
I need to get him some useful skills.

Gunter is my boi


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  • Even Lite is too much? That sucks. How budget is your phone?
  • I just play too many mobile games and have too many apps.
    The lite is like 40% smaller than the normal one.
    So it's still massive
  • CodeBlue

    02/11/2019 11:30 PM · Edited · Spoilers

    Eh, I don't think you'd like Lite anyway. Some of the sounds are so compressed, they sound like they're coming off a GBA. And somehow it still drains your battery just as fast. Kinda sucks, really.
  • Ah, then I shall download it when I get a new device.
    Should be good.

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