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01/02/2019 04:21 PM ·Spoilers

indigo itself was just one big birth of an already bad userbase built upon an already dead site. The fact its run by a guy who was hated in late 2017 november to be exact, for wanting attention and whining shit 24/7 already shows how far weve fell in this shithole. Jmike was right, we should move on from the miiverse legacy and actually do something productive in our lives. instead of being a fungus growing on a rotting corspe.


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  • Du-det

    01/26/2019 11:04 PM · Spoilers

    Someone I was following joined Indigo, so I joined to check it out. It does appear to be stalling. I think Closedverse has more of a future. At least the Administrator is keeping a positive out look and he is getting advertisers, hopefully to help pay for this site.

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