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Oh my goodness!

Guys, I know that some of you guys, who blocked me may not care about this, but you're gonna need to care about it because this is an Emergency!

My Grandmother has got severely sick & is in the Hospital, as I'm in the Hospital with my Mother & my Sister seeing my Grandmother!

She was like throwing up several times & I would just say that she had the uncontrollableness on going to the Bathroom & stuff & how she ended up going to the Hospital, the Ambulance came to help her & take her to the Hospital for recovery!

This kind of sickness that she has though is highly contagious & me & my Family have to be super careful or me & my Family may get sick, especially me & me & my Family don't want that to happen on me & them!

So, I'm gonna need you guys to give my Grandmother as much support as possible by commenting on this Post & hope that she'll feel better soon!

I can't believe that this would happen, plus that this is also unexpected to happen!

I don't know why!

Please comment on this Post as soon as you can, when you guys are online!

Please support my Grandmother & hope for her to feel better soon!

Do what you guys can to support my Grandmother inside this Post!

I'll let her know about this, when I can & give her some Updates on this, etc.!


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