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01/05/2019 09:41 PM ┬ĚSpoilers

Mega Man Fully Charged is wierd right now. Mega Man looks like X and classic Mega Man had a Pokefusion but he looks cool imo otherwise. But then there's the fact that Mega Man isn't the OG Mega Man. Mega Man in the classic series was called Rock and had a sister named Roll. You know what Fully Charged's Mega Man is called? "Aki." When I first heard this name I thought it was Rocky, and I was looking forward to tbe show if it was going to be based off the original games. Then I found out what the show is really like. Also, the bad guy in the show is this Sigma-meets-Dracula looking motherfucker called Dr. Shade. Not Dr. Wily. You know where Wily is? WILY IS MEGA MAN'S BEST FRIEND, AND HE'S A MIDDLE SCHOOLER NAMED BERT. Also, Mega Man has a little robot in his head called Mini. Yeah sure, THAT MAKES TOTAL SENSE. Then there's the fact that there's a whole subplot that there was war between robots and humans. I can only imagine that if they managed to make enough robots to make an army, THAT ALL OF THEM HAVE FEELINGS, THOUGHTS, AND SIMULATE HUMAN TRAITS, they would at least have the technology to make EMP weapons. I digress. Anyway there's also the principal of the school that is as BIG AS A FUCKING SKYSCRAPER. How did he get his job? Stepping on the principal before him? There's also the Robot Masters that have their own personalities. The Robot Masters are probably the most solid thing in the show, and even then they managed to fuck up the writing for them. There's an episode here Hypno Woman makes everyone believe she's a regular person and goes out on a date with Dr. Light, and Mega Man finds out that it's Hypno Woman and tries to spy on her to make sure she doesn't pull anything. But of FUCKING COIRSE he would because the whore literally attacked the city and its residents. And still Dr. Light has the audacity to try to sneak in a message of not judge people. (MEGA MAN HAD EVERY RIGHT TO DO IT, SHE STARTED IT) Also there's redesigns. Now I don't care for Mega Man, Rush, and Dr. Light, but as I said, WHY IS DR. WILY A MIDDLE SCHOOLER? WHERE DID ROCK AND ROLL GO? WHAT THE FUCK IS DR. SHADE DOING? This show is wierd as FUCK.


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