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HOLY SH*T!!!!!

Moments ago, while I was in a middle of doing something on the Computer, the Power suddenly went out & after going outside to look at the Circuit Breaker, I saw that the Door was open, which means that some Crooks went into the Circuit Breaker & turned the House off, especially when the Neighborhood that I’m in is still working or so!

My Grandmother called the Police/Sheriff to report this right after I went into the Circuit Breaker to turn the House back on!

The Sheriff has come a few minutes ago to check & make sure that everything with me & my Family are ok & that they’re gonna investigate the whole Neighborhood to who went into the Circuit Breakers & turning the Houses off!

Welp, right after I turned the House back on, I found a Lock in 1 of the Kitchen Drawers to lock the Circuit Breaker, so they don’t get to it ever again, but hopefully those Crooks can be arrested for doing this to me, my Family, & possibly around the Neightborhood, as that’s considered trespassing, which is against the Law!

Welp, now I have to start over to what I was doing on the Computer, thanks to those Crooks going into the Circuit Breakers & stuff! 😠


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  • That’s a shocker! I live on a mountain and me and my family have NEVER been robbed or broken into. My dad knows a lot about keeping us safe. One night when we came home from my grandma’s viewing, our power was out including the neighborhood. We had no idea why or how the power went out, so we had to stay at my grandma’s house until the power comes back on. I hope you and your family stay safe including your neighborhood.
  • I'm glad to hear your alright!

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