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01/07/2019 02:17 AM ┬ĚSpoilers

(Gift) Cassie The Angel Toad Very Very Late

very over due gift for this awesome arties hg-the-hamster on DA I wanted to make her something for making 2 awesome drawings for me last year. The drawings was so amazing that I had to make her somthing in return, I decided to make her old toad oc Cassie, because I love her wings. Enjoy

I don't have much else to say about this but enjoy, thank you so much for making 2 awesome pictures for me last year and the year before last.

The Pictures

I don't own anything

Cassie belong to hg-the-hamster on DA

Art made by me

Toad species Nintendo

Up next another over due gift art for DoodleDrawer1988 on DA coming tomorrow


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