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01/07/2019 05:42 PM ·Spoilers

Deadpool: The second animated movie (2019)

Only in Theaters RealD 3D and IMAX 3D
Also in 2D


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  • Nathan

    01/07/2019 05:45 PM · Spoilers

    The film will be rated R for Strong crude bloody violence, Vulgar language throughout, Breif drug material, Sexual references, and Some nude graphics.
  • Nathan

    01/07/2019 05:48 PM · Spoilers

    Note the film's violence will all be people who are rude to me or do not like my content like people such as Callie fans, Closedverse douchebags, Miiverse Yeahbombers, Deviantart Favbombers, and SuperMarioLogan haters. When thease people die in Deadpool: The second animated movie (2019) i will never talk to them or make a post about them nuff said.

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