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01/10/2019 12:30 PM ┬ĚSpoilers

(BDG) Rusty And Russell

This drawing took me all morning yeasterday

Anyway a Birthday Gift for this awsome artiest HandyxRussell10 on DA I decide to make her two koopa oc's Rusty And Russell, theses little guys are so cute that I had to draw them. I also did the color lines which took me awhile to do. I think i'm getting better with color lines. Anyway I wanted to make her a birthday gift. I love her art style and everything. I really wanna be friends with you. You have such cute art. I hope we can be friends. Enjoy I also took my sweet time on this. Just to make it pretty.

Happy Birthday Hope you have a fantastic Birthday

I don't own anything

Rusty And Russell belong to HandyxRussell10 on DA

Art made by me

Koopa species Nintendo


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