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02/03/2019 07:48 AM ·Spoilers · Edited (02/03/2019 07:52 AM)

(OC) Loerto The Chipmunk With Bio

I'm very proud of the line art I wanna give a huge thank you to HG-The-Hamster on DA for telling me about the pen pressure, it makes my line art so much better.

Bio: Loerto Chipmunk

Name: Loerto

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Sexuality: Stright

Birthdate: January 3

Relationship/Girlfriend: No one yet

Personality: lazy, talkactivate, thoughtful, and well behaved

Favorite Season: Winter

Best Friends: Pumpkin And Poofy

Little Fun Fact: Loerto is a very lazy chipmunk, he ask people to get things for him because how lazy he is, he also talks alot. He talks peoples ears off, aka talking too much, but he is very thoughtful, he always think about everyone and get them things. He also is well behaved. So many people likes to babysit him when he was a kid. He never acts up at people's house or in public places. He also use to be a south park character. Since I lost interest in South Park long ago and back into it. I decided to redesign him. Enjoy

Loerto belong to me


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