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02/07/2019 12:22 PM ·Spoilers


First things first, I wanna apologize for not having the right colors for Tiffany. I only have 40. I need all the colors for this. And I messed up on the blushing. And the hair for Tiffany. Same for the shading. I really don’t know how to shade. With Markers. But everything is okay. I was just testing out the makers. More art with these markers coming soon. Again I wanna apologize for messing up.

Anyway here is my first drawing with The huhu Markers. Not COPIC huhu Markers. I thought it said Copic Markers. Don’t get me wrong I really love these markers and all. I just don’t have all the colors. If you guys know which huhu Markers that got most colors that I need. Please leave a link in the description.

Anyhow here is a drawing of Tori and Tiffany, me and my bestie are shipping our oc’s together. Enjoy

Tori belong to my bestie yoshilover1000 on DA

Tiffany belong to me

Yoshi species Nintendo


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