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02/08/2019 08:37 AM ┬ĚSpoilers

(New OC) Glitter The Cat With Bio

I think im getting better at making cats. I made this drawing before I improved on my line art.

Bio: Glitter Cat

Name: Glitter

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Sexuality: Stright

Birthday: November 21, 2000

Speceis: hybrid/Cat

Family Members:

Patches (mother)
Gizmo (father)
Daphne (sister in law)
Phieny (oldest brother)
Shiney (second oldest brother)
Phoebe (second little sister)
Poofy: (Nephew)
Ace: (Nephew)
Jett (Nephew)
Amber (Niece)
Shark (Niece)
Tiny (Nephew)

Relationship/Boyfriend: None Yet

Kids: None yet

Personality: Thinker, thoughtful, and Generous

Best friend: None yet

Favorite Color: light purple and And Rosa (the color)

Favorite Season: Winter

Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving

Likes: Spending time with all of her family

Little Fun Fact: Glitter is a thinker, she thinks twice before doing something crazy. She is very thoughtful. She thought of having a wounderful family and being part of the family. She is very generous. She love sharing things with her family.

Glitter belong to me


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