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angry edgy lokiwrudoinginthemedicinecabinet

02/15/2019 04:25 AM ·Spoilers

I'm so sick of the ignorant hatred on fire emblem that i could be sick


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  • The Fire Emblem game I have is pretty good
  • boo

    02/15/2019 06:37 AM · Spoilers

    tbh I played a bit of fates and it was kinda boring
  • Well yeah ofc that's because it was fates, so that's to be expected. Please play a different fe game made before fates and then you'll be giving it a fair chance
  • Pip

    02/15/2019 11:01 AM · Spoilers

    Series went downhill with awakening. It essentially seems like they’re catering to waifufags
  • I agree. Fates sucked bc of the extreme waifuism and shit storytelling. Awakening was good but still had some waifuism

    three houses looks quite promising though. I don't see much of any waifuism or fanservice shit so I think it could be good
  • The waifu shit is really killing the hype for me in some ways.
    It's all people end up talking about and idk it gets old really fast.

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