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02/24/2019 09:03 PM ·Spoilers

This is the first time I'm using this account since,, pretty much Miiverse has ended. I'm surprised that some people are still active here, let alone this site is still running.
The reason why I got on here was because I was hoping I would find any sign of one of my best friends, or even any hints as to where they are now. We used to be very good pals, but we only talked on Miiverse. I had an old phone that couldn't get rarely any social media apps. When Miiverse ended, that was the last I saw of them. I've been on Archiveverse countless of times, trying to find where they went. I've been getting just, so so sad from it. I miss our conversations, and how we drew JoJo's Bizarre Adventure-related gifts for each other back and forth. I miss you, Pengu♪,,,


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