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03/02/2019 03:54 AM ·Spoilers

I haven't been on all academic year, somebody fill me in on the current lore please?


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  • Okay.
    So a lot of shit happened.
    A clone called Oasis was created, and some of the CV users went there.
    A lot of drama went of in here and the page almost closed for some minutes forever.
    Then a new clone was announced called Indigo.
    People first hated it but then started to like it.
    At the end, on October, most of the active userbase went there.
    Then me because I am a dick raided it with 400 accounts.
    Not long ago, a guy doxxed the main developer of Indigo and it died, then both guys left.
    Now everyone is at, but some remain here too
  • Has cedar died yet?
  • Yes, one day, Seth made everyone staff and started fucking the site, then later, pulled the plug out of it.
    Cedar Japan exists tho, but nobody uses it ever, except to raid it
  • There just needs to be a Closedverse Compendium, there be too much story stemming from here
  • There are some wikias and discords that have info of so, but it's either a stub or just bizarrely forgotten

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