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03/08/2019 08:35 PM 路Spoilers

Reposting this because I feel like it fits best here.
The S.S. Halt Brigade


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  • Awesome
  • Stancing up: Our triple A pose. Passively vanquish all our foes.

    We are the SS Halt Brigade
  • You're like the only good person on here. Keep it up, your artwork is amazing!

    I also got one question: how did you do the pixel art? What did you use? Thanks in advanced
  • Miha

    03/09/2019 04:16 AM 路 Spoilers

    Thank you!

    Yes to the rhyme!

    Thank you!
    And it depends, I use a variety of different programs depending on my mood.

    It鈥檚 been a while so I don鈥檛 actually remember what I used.
    I feel like I used the CV drawing tool in the beginning then saved it and then edited it in Aseprite or something??

    Although sometimes I used Medibang and I made custom pixel brushes for that.
  • Ah yes, I've used that tool before to make simple sprites before.
  • You're welcome

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