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03/09/2019 08:51 PM ·Spoilers

Sometimes whenever I think that just about any role playing game needs too have a story and really dramatic moments, I don't know if people who make games try to think of the most negative things they can come up with too put inside a video game causing a negatively sad moment. Look, what I'm saying is that I don't like rpgs, and I can respect that. Even if you did play an rpg, if there's an option where you can skip any cutscenes and all interactions (outside of side quests), I'd say anybody could play rpgs because gameplay is fun. One notable example is Fire Emblem, a Japanese role playing series that focuses on tactics, but it's more toxic than the Sonic series, but I think the Sonic series is cool. Fire Emblem games were known too give me depression and negativity from the majority of the characters in the series, and that is a major reason why I depict RPGs as I see it today. Actually, the first RPG I ever played in my life was Star Ocean: The Last Hope. During that time, there was a scene in which Edge was distraught over the loss of a planet, and that one scene gave me such an emotional impact, it gave me a deep hit. My favorite RPG is Paper Mario: the Thousand Year Door, but since the Mario series is always known for being such a lighthearted series, and even if any of the RPG Mario games did have dramatic moments, that doesn't that (most of them) they don't affect the atmosphere the entire franchise is known for. I just had too type this because I felt like posting it here.


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