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03/10/2019 02:36 AM ·Spoilers

You know what this place suffered the most from during it's early days? Just... Random idiots being promoted left and right and then resets. Alongside that, you had Seth, who was just being a selfish moron around the final days. You had drama, because people just wouldn't suck it up and shut up like normal people, they'd just cause problems all around. And the demographic of this site really did end up ruining the experience as well. When I first came here I really expected civilized chats and reuniting with old friends of mine. But all I ended up seeing was just a bunch of children who's feelings got hurt too easily. And that's really how all Miiverse clones have been perceived, for the longest, really. A place where unstable kids go to troll and do toxic (and sometimes even illegal) shit. I wanted to take the opportunity to to finally change that.


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  • So what you're saying is that you are tired of drama on Miiverse clones and you're going to change that by making another Miiverse clone called LimeGreen?
  • Yeah. It's a work in progress, but I plan to include everyone, not just teenagers as well as having proper administration.
  • No offense but.. from what I seen, people who made new MV clones and saying it'll be drama free, they still end up having drama. Take a look at Indigo and Baldiverse for example.

    In my opinion, another clone is going to be pointless but you do you.
  • That's why I don't plan at aiming it towards this community at all, I won't be posting links anywhere here.
    To help prevent drama I also want to completely get rid of a main community. Just a bunch of gaming communities.
  • but who will join?
  • I already thought of letting a couple of people I know on
  • Letting little kids join is a nigger-stupid idea.

    I mean, come on you dumb faggy NIGGER
  • Okay, as this site is dead, this easily calls my attention.
  • Miiverse in general always had people muck around. After addressing issues like you say, it becomes less of a mv clone, and more like a social outlet, which isn't necessarily bad.

    I say good for you, keep it up. As long as nobody leaks the link out to toxic users, it should supposedly be successful (just maybe not as active).

    I know I would be interested to see this if you ever complete it, and if you were to allow me that privilege, but I get you if you decide against that.

    Good luck with the project, and enjoy!
  • Thanks, we've been working on it for a while now.

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