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Welp, moments ago, after I was turning on my Lasko 18” Stand Fan to Low Fan Speed along with 3 other Oscillating Fans that I’m running tonight, which are my Holmes Blizzard Fan, my Lasko 16” Stand Fan (Gray), & my Lasko 16” Stand Fan (Black) (Older Model), a few minutes later from running this Fan, it just suddenly stopped on me with the Fan Motor still humming, as the Blades now refuse to spin, whenever I try to turn it on.

1 of the 4 Galaxy Fans that I have (2 of them haven’t been set up yet though, as they’re right now in my Bedroom Walk-In Closet.), my 1ST Galaxy Fan that’s in the Guest Bedroom Walk-In Closet has did the same thing back in 2017, as it started happening just after I moved to the House that I’m in now, since Wednesday, 10/25/2017.

So, there goes this Fan as well until it hopefully gets fixed in the Future or so.

*Sighs* Great…


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