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Colorful-Sama (no longer active)Whatsupdoc808

12/14/2017 02:52 AM ┬ĚSpoilers

I want the drawing feature to be fixed because there are some issues with using it to the point where I'm barely able to draw something decent for once.

1. The undo button does some weird shit. When I click on the undo button it either does nothing or takes me back to what I was doing earlier.

2. Changing a color makes a mark on my drawing. When I try to change colors, a strange mark would appear on my art for no reason. Sometimes choosing a color can just mess up the whole drawing because of this glitch.

3. The place where I'm drawing something on the canvas seems off. While drawing, I found it difficult to get to make a mark on a specific area of the canvas. This kinda reminds me of my 3DS because it was off point too :')

Welp, that's all I gotta say. My writing skills are shit, but I tried my best to point out some problems. I really hope this gets fixed because I feel like the drawing tool has potential, ya just gotta fix it:T


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