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01/26/2018 01:21 AM ·Spoilers · Edited (01/26/2018 01:26 AM)

[New Favorite post for now]
Hey there!
So, I actually have some news. I recently got a new 3Ds (You can ask why if you really want to know, I won't mind answering) and I'm actually planning on getting another copy of Miitopia for that DS, so I can start over on a separate copy without starting over on the current copy of Miitopia I have.
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone would like to be a part of it?
Of course you'll end up being one of the Miitopia Cast characters, but if you want, I could probably consider adding your Mii to my party.
Anyway, in the comments I'll be posting a list of the roles (Some aren't on the list, because I've already assigned people for those roles), and feel free to comment below:
*What role you want
*And maybe provide a reference/QR Code of your Mii.

[Continued in comments]


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