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[New Favorite post for now]
Hey there!
So, I actually have some news. I recently got a new 3Ds (You can ask why if you really want to know, I won't mind answering) and I'm actually planning on getting another copy of Miitopia for that DS, so I can start over on a separate copy without starting over on the current copy of Miitopia I have.
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone would like to be a part of it?
Of course you'll end up being one of the Miitopia Cast characters, but if you want, I could probably consider adding your Mii to my party.
Anyway, in the comments I'll be posting a list of the roles (Some aren't on the list, because I've already assigned people for those roles), and feel free to comment below:
*What role you want
*And maybe provide a reference/QR Code of your Mii.

[Continued in comments]


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  • Oh, yeah, my apologies, but only followers or people I follow can be a part of this, BUT if you really, really, really want to have our Mii and I'm not following you/you can't, or don't want to follow me; then I guess I can make a few exceptions.
  • Alright, here's the list of roles
    Just feel free to tell me which one you want your Mii to have, and we'll go from there.
    (Also, if you want to see a picture/description of each Miitopia role, feel free to ask me and I'll tell/show you.)
  • Continued...
  • And here's the last part of the list
  • Noice. Say, you look pretty familiar. Did you use Miiverse often?
  • Thanks

    Oh, really?
    Yeah, I actually was on Miiverse pretty frequently
  • No prob and yeah, I think I followed you once. Guess I'll follow you here as well lol. :D
  • Ah, alright.
    I actually don't really recognize or remember you from Miiverse.
    If it's okay with you, would you mind telling who you are (As in like, your Miiverse username)? Maybe that might ring a bell.
  • My nickname was Xylix. I didn't show up much on Miiverse, but here's my mii.
  • Oh, I think I actually remember you!
    I think I possibly may have followed you also... I don't remember exactly though...
  • Lmao well it's nice to see you again!
  • Same thing to you too!
  • *Update about the list
    Okay, so apparently the Miitopia role of Great Sage is now taken.
    [I'll keep doing updates like this whenever I assign a Mii for a role)
  • Sure
  • Hm...
    I guess possibly the Besmirched Noble's Son would be okay
  • The princess and the besmirched noble's son aready takened which are Aria and Alito
    The rest of my mii cast, i don't know who to put as who
    You can be anyone in my mii cast
  • Oh-- Alright.
    Sorry about that, I didn't really understand 100% what you meant.
    Then I guess the Singing Guide would do.
  • Ok

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