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02/13/2018 11:36 AM ·Spoilers

my cat chewed up the last MacBook charger they said they'd give me for free. I'll have to pay $55 to get a new one. not only do we not have any amount of money for a couple more weeks, but the MacBook is the only device I'm allowed to use while grounded, so I have no other option. so, I guess I'm gonna be leaving Closedverse until I can get another charger then, to save any battery I can get for actual schoolwork. I will come back for Valentine's Day only, and then I'll be gone :(


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  • Man, that sucks.
  • No
    not you too
  • I would literally buy you a charger but I haven't been paid in two months

    Fuck. Best of luck to you
  • Your cat did it? I have 8 cats and not one of em chew wires... thank god...

    Try starting a GoFundMe for a new charger
  • @spice: yeah, they are school-provided. I think I'll just be plugging it in at the stations they provide in the library for the first two periods of the day, that's when I'm in Programming anyways and they give you Windows computers, but 100% still won't be enough to get me through the rest of the day (especially when you include after I go home), I'll still have to keep my usage down.
  • YOUR
    C A T .
    We’ll be hearing from you hopefully at least somewhat soon. We know you'll be online for Valentine's Day, so we'll be hearing from you then.
  • Jj

    02/13/2018 12:44 PM · Spoilers

    Wow! Your cat(s) must love chewing your Mac chargers! How many times has it happened?
  • Just take the cat to a Chinese restraunt ok

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