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Anything Goes Community

Just Jafdon

12/19/2018 06:34 AM

I almost forgot this place still existed.

Xenoblade Community

Just Jafdon

11/19/2018 03:21 AM

It's a sin that Xenoblade 2 didn't get nominated for soundtrack of the year at Game Awards.

Fire Emblem Community

Just Jafdon

11/04/2018 04:38 AM

Reminder that Wrys is a confirmed spirit

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Fire Emblem Community


12/27/2018 12:25 AM

Fire Emblem Community


12/28/2018 07:58 PM

Super Smash Bros. Community


11/08/2018 04:28 AM

Was Piranha Plant the one singing Lifelight? His voice is similar to the one from when he sang in...

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