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12/18/2018 09:12 PM

Damn I don’t even wanna imagine how Miiverse would be today with Smash Ultimate, Fortnite, etc.

Anything Goes Community


06/18/2018 09:25 PM

Nintendo’s E3 2018 in a nutshell - Knock knock motherfuckers it’s Nintendo bitch, this year we de...

Fortnite Community


06/17/2018 12:21 AM

What’s honestly been pissing me off recently is now if any Twitch streamer plays Realm Royale ins...

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Serious Discussion Community

11/25/2018 11:45 AM

is it just me or closedverse is kinda DEAD at the moment? i'm not really active here but it feels...

Serious Discussion Community


11/25/2018 10:04 PM

Gettin’ real tired of people bitching about indigo and pip and adrian and several others in the s...

Serious Discussion Community


11/26/2018 12:31 AM

if you forgot to download your post history or otherwise lost it, then this site is for you

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