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Anything Goes Community


09/09/2018 05:00 PM

happy birthday closedverse. i can't believe ur not dead

Ragnarok Community


08/30/2018 07:05 PM

my oasis profile

Ragnarok Community


08/30/2018 06:40 PM

what the hell is wrong with seth?

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Anything Goes Community

Here’s Jose!

09/09/2018 05:02 PM

Happy B-Day Closedverse

Ragnarok Community


08/30/2018 06:36 PM

Listen, Seth. If you actually think it’s funny to mess around with somebody’s website and delete ...

Fortnite Community

Deleted User 910b6989

04/18/2018 06:26 PM

Sorry guys, I’m a real manchild, and I prefer

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