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Super Smash Bros. Community


1 hour ago

Completely random, but how old do you see the male Pokemon Trainer (Red) being in Brawl and the u...

Pokemon Community


07/12/2018 07:32 PM

So... You can battle the Gym Leaders in Let's Go, i knew we would, but they all look the same des...

Anything Goes Community


07/12/2018 06:07 PM

Ok, Red post, still gonna do one later i think, but yeah. xD This one, i find it adorable, lol. B...

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Anything Goes Community

kirby gamez (Gabriel)

1 hour ago

i want this.
i NEED this.

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Smug Snail (Sabrina)

5 hours ago

Bored, so islanders reveal, I guess.

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